Unesco Freedom project with Seisa Dohto , Japan - season 2

Les deuxièmes rencontres avec artistes nous ont permis de proposer quelques messages qui vont servir de base à la réalisation de la fresque qui sera réalisée pour moitié à Hokkaido, au Japon et pour moitié au Likes avant de repartir pour les JO à Tokyo ... Merci au projet ArtMile !!
The students in 101 have just met a second painter , Maria Spinnato, and a second poet, Louis Bertholom . They exploited the meeting in their English synthesis training where they were invited to produce messages to the world that will be used to start planning the ArtMile mural .
Les élèves de 101 ont cette fois rencontré une deuxième artiste peintre , Maria Spinnato , et un deuxième poète , Louis Bertholom . Ce travail a fait l’objet de leur 3ème entraînement à la synthèse en Spécialité Anglais ...

After meeting 2 professional painters ( Jean-Yves Bocher and Maria Spinnato) and 2 poets (Paol Keineg and Louis Bertholom), the students in our project group proposed a synthesis of their thoughts about freedom in the process of creation . Here are some of their messages to our partners in Hokkaido, Japan .

Ilona :

For a lot of artists, inspiration comes and goes. It is free .. Maria Spinnato and Louis Betholom find it when travelling . Maria is from Argentina where she studied at the university of Buenos Aires . She now paints a series of landscapes of Patagonia . Her studio is very colourful and full of light, with paintings on the floor ..She works with feelings and tries new techniques like patchworks of colourful cloth.. She has a free imagination .
Louis Bertholom said he walks the woods , with a pen and note-book in his pocket . He sits somewhere and writes about what he sees . Here again imagination is free . Sometimes pages remain blank of course but it is also part of his freedom , or the news around him bring material to exploit like in his latest collection of poems : ‘Au milieu de tout’, about migrations in the world ..
My message is : no matter what you are painting or writing or singing about, it has to make you proud of yourself, of what you did . Of course people’s remarks can be hard to hear sometimes, but you have to accept them to be better because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’


Louis and Maria also told us music can be a source of inspiration or around them in their work, like the movement of the train when travelling ...It is this movement that gives inspiration and the feeling of freedom . It is important to take time for ourselves out of the usual rush to have time for thinking, for feeling free , because creating must be in our everyday life if we want it to be more intense

Marilou :

Louis Bertholom told us that Brittany, his native land is really dear to him (like Paol Keineg told us in the previous meeting) , but he also wants to discover the world through travels and international poetry events like in Trois Rivières in Quebec. It’s a good thing to try to fight what goes wrong in the world through poetry . Maria Spinnato , on the other hand manages to paint this sensation of quietness and calm that you may find in the wild space of Patagonia ; the vivid colours she uses find their balance .
For me freedom in art is the fact that we can paint our emotions without being insulting or mean to anyone . Maybe sometimes we need to express anger, sarcasm, or denounce something . But we need to do it with respect and be left alone to do it in a free way , without constraints from other people . In the first time it is not for other people but for ourselves , to express emotions that can be understood without words .


For me liberty for an artist is just to do what he or she likes without being judged or criticized . I don’ t consider myself as an artist but I know how it works through painting, writing ...Art comes before everything else , an essential form of freedom. My source of inspiration is music : I close my eyes, dream about a lot of things...then words come to me that I put down on paper . Unlike Louis , I give some constraints to myself because it allows to play more with these words . .. If you want to create, don’t think. Just act ..

Emma :
The more we discover the more freedom and the more ideas we can have . The more freedom you have the more you can create ..art, poems, paintings, music ...You can create from and about everything , see and live differences .. Everything and everybody is different ...

If artists want to do something they don’t need to think , just act ..because they are unique, each one of them in his or her own difference . It is really important to preserve this difference because in our world if you want to meet success, you need to show you are different . And this means the freedom to be and act different . We live in a democracy and if we want to reach our goal, we need to be unique . So freedom is everything : act and don’t be scared of criticism because you can’t be like by everyone , but you only have one life .


All artists should be free because they speak about different things and subjects , sometimes for pleasure , sometimes they are committed to a cause . They should be free because if you take the time to listen to artists, you will understand that they have a message for you, for us, for the rest of the world ..


What artists don’t appreciate is deadlines to finish their work ..even if Maria said it sometimes helps to work harder ..We have to consider this pressure because today, in music for example, you have to be productive, or lese you disappear from the scene .. You need exposure to be able to fend for yourself and develop your own independant span of creation .


For me in arts we must do what we can , evolve .. We can transform ourselves through our creation and become a new person , discover new forms of freedom that will transform us again ..Don’t blame you work , only try to get new experiences for yourself ...and to share ...


Inspiration is not something we need to think too much about. Catch the moment and share it in your art . That is exactly the goal of social media now . The freedom of artists is protected by laws in many countries at least . Artists are here to share and also denounce the problems of our societies : abuse of power, child slavery ...Artists must not stop being active ..

Credits photos : Merci à Jean Bertrand De Longvilliers !!

Publié le : samedi 16 novembre 2019

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